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The World Goth Fair runs from 15 May to the end of the month. Look for the charity vendors at each booth for items whose sales benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The Grimalkin booth has three such items, all brand-new!

Couch of Cthulhu
Sultry comfort and tentacles! And mind-shattering horror!
L$100, all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation during World Goth Fair

Pile of Skulls
For when you absolutely need to be seated on a big heap of human skulls
L$100, all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation during World Goth Fair

AFK Tomb
The ultimate “Do Not Disturb” sign
L$100, all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation during World Goth Fair

This three-prim candle with flower is a mere L$10. It’s copyable, and you can light or snuff it by touching it. (This may be slightly addictive.)

All of the above are available only at the Grimalkin booth at the World Goth Fair. Teleport there now!


Big News

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We’ve moved!

Please come visit our new main store.

A gift! Look for it on the counter. =^x^=

New item!

Reading Seating
Wearable furniture from Grimalkin

Personal version: all five seat colours, five different books, copy OK (L$100)
Gacha version: one random colour, one book, transfer OK (L$25)

New lucky board item!

Gothmas by Gaslight

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Ready Wretchedness Wearable Library Desk

Misery at your fingertips!
Gothmas by Gaslight 2011 hunt prize

Finally, wearable furniture that expresses the torment of sheer existence. Just choose one and wear it (they attach to your right hand by default); you may want to turn off your AO as well. Here are your options:

• Ready Wretchedness Wearable Library Desk—the original, including books, lamp, inkpot, quill, paper, penwiper decorated with darling rodent, desk, aged but comfortable wing chair, and anguished pose

• Ready Wretchedness (ratless)—for those who prefer their misery without so much rat in it

• Ready Wretchedness (AFK)—featuring largeish, adorable rodent with an AFK sign (ratless version unavailable)


The hunt runs from 15 December to 15 January, and you can see the list of shops, prize pics, and everything you need to know at the official blog. Ask Zack the meerkat behind the counter at Grimalkin for a hint to our bell’s location. We hope you enjoy your portable melancholia!


Nikita Weymann and various meerkats, monkeys, gators &c
Grimalkin Workshop

#OccupyAnywhere Wearable Tent

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The Grimalkin #OccupyAnywhere Wearable Tent
Are you ready for an in-tents experience?

Camp out anywhere with this happy little tent! Just wear it (attaches to left pec by default) and turn off your AO. And through the month of December, find our Peace on Earth Hunt globe and get a free special edition tent:

(Please note that the hunt version is not modifiable.)

Here are some places Niki has camped!(Mouse over pics for travel notes.)

A transferable gift version is also available. Find it at the main store!


Towel Day

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be a hoopy frood

Happy Towel Day! Do you know where your towel is? Members of our inworld group, Le Chat Gris, and our Subscribomatic group, Grimalkin Gang, received towels to wear. To join, touch a sign here behind the counter, and check history for your Sudden Towel Day Serviette. 🙂

Free Flower Float

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Visit Linc Island and touch the big flower to receive a free wearable flower float! We customised this one for the island’s owners, Karima Hoisan and Happiness Merryman, and it’s their gift to all their visitors. Be sure to wander around the island—while floating, naturally!—because it’s loaded with beautiful flowers, sculptures, and more. Better yet, bring along a friend!

We’ve hidden our egg early this year! Come by the store and find it and touch it, and it’ll give you a mad wearable jet chair covered in colourful bunnies:

You might even win some money! For more information on the egg hunt, visit the website:

The Great Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt 2011