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The Lucky 13 Houseboat

Live or work on the water in style in this low-prim, unusual vessel!

This houseboat is not a vehicle; it’s meant to be moored and used as a dwelling or other establishment.

  • 79 prims
  • Copy/mod OK
  • Built-in scripted bookcases upstairs filled with books (or put in your own)
  • Sliding doors to upstairs berth (touch to open/close)
  • Optional 3-prim bed for berth, containing anims in pillow and blanket

It’s roughly based on this photo of one in Beijing.

Experience it inworld, currently in use as a floating cafe:

The dock at the cafe is also available:

Tumbledown Dock with Fishing Shack

30 prims

Both can be purchased at the fishing shack by the cafe or at our main store in Sababurg.