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The Serenity Skybox
for Peace on Earth Hunt 2010

• Sample layout with furniture: 49 prims (rez in edit mode)
• Skybox alone: 16 prims, mod/copy OK (alcove ceiling light on/off by touch)
• Furniture: 1 to 6 prims, copy OK [includes three cushions with different sits, two bolsters (one with book and reading anim), low table, screen, wall hanging, plant decoration, lamp, drapes, floor mat]

Find the globe (L$0) at Grimalkin Workshop
Peace on Earth Hunt blog


Seven-Prim Skyboxes

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Seven-Prim Skyboxes
All you really need, for a lousy L$5 apiece

These skyboxes are 16x32m in size—perfect for a standard 512m parcel of land. Since they’re so low in prim, they’re perfect blank slates that you can customise with your own furniture and decorations. They come in blue, pink, and yellow. Copy and modify them to your heart’s content!

Plus the tiled floor means they’re great for parties; you can just hose ’em down afterward.

Check out a demo here:

The Lucky 13 Houseboat

Live or work on the water in style in this low-prim, unusual vessel!

This houseboat is not a vehicle; it’s meant to be moored and used as a dwelling or other establishment.

  • 79 prims
  • Copy/mod OK
  • Built-in scripted bookcases upstairs filled with books (or put in your own)
  • Sliding doors to upstairs berth (touch to open/close)
  • Optional 3-prim bed for berth, containing anims in pillow and blanket

It’s roughly based on this photo of one in Beijing.

Experience it inworld, currently in use as a floating cafe:

The dock at the cafe is also available:

Tumbledown Dock with Fishing Shack

30 prims

Both can be purchased at the fishing shack by the cafe or at our main store in Sababurg.

Backwoods Bunny Home

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Backwoods Bunny Home
Cozy country living for lucky bunnies


• Mod/copy
• Solid and phantom versions
• House: 18 prims
• Optional 2-prim clover field with enclosure

See it inworld at our secondary location and bunny market:

might be slightly haunted or something

This house is based on an actual house built in the late 1700s or early 1800s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—one of the few surviving examples of this indigenous type of architecture. I worked using floor plans, elevations, and photographs of the real-life building, which can be seen here:

From 1 to 15 July, 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of this building will go to the National Wildlife Federation Oil Spill Recovery Fund, via the inworld fundraiser Operation Squeegee.


• Rez-crated
• 125 prims, or 116 without optional cistern and roof gutter
• 15m x 25m footprint (with cistern)
• Mod/copy—add your own touches
• Four rooms with a central fireplace
• Front gallery (porch)
• Large garçonnière (attic) with access from back gallery
• Lots of windows with working shutters, lots of doors
• Elevated on brick piers

Visit the demo inworld:

Edited to add the event location, now that it has begun:

As always, if you need help or have questions, IM me!

Nikita Weymann