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Faerie Lights

Add a little magic to your garden!

Mod/copy OK
L$250 (L$150 through 30 September 2010)

Just rez one of these one-prim emitters, and several eerie lights will flit about, subtly changing colour as they go. In this package are six different kinds:

  • autumn
  • electric
  • ghost
  • melon
  • rose
  • violet

Each kind comes in two versions: one that that is on continuously, and one that only comes out at night (based on SL sun position, not by forcing midnight in your viewer). The emitter prims are modifiable, so you can make them smaller or completely transparent if need be. They’re also copyable, so set out as many as you like!

See some in action in the backyard at the main store. Right now there’s one autumn and one ghost emitter rezzed in the wooded area outside the back door, and there’s a rose one farther back and through the gate, near where the bunnies live. All three are the continuous version, so you can view them anytime. 🙂

Today the members of our inworld shop group, Le Chat Gris, received a special Ocean version. There’s a group joiner behind the front desk at the main store if you want to get in on the fun.