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The World Goth Fair runs from 15 May to the end of the month. Look for the charity vendors at each booth for items whose sales benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The Grimalkin booth has three such items, all brand-new!

Couch of Cthulhu
Sultry comfort and tentacles! And mind-shattering horror!
L$100, all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation during World Goth Fair

Pile of Skulls
For when you absolutely need to be seated on a big heap of human skulls
L$100, all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation during World Goth Fair

AFK Tomb
The ultimate “Do Not Disturb” sign
L$100, all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation during World Goth Fair

This three-prim candle with flower is a mere L$10. It’s copyable, and you can light or snuff it by touching it. (This may be slightly addictive.)

All of the above are available only at the Grimalkin booth at the World Goth Fair. Teleport there now!


We’re taking part in the March Hare Hunt, which runs through the month of March. Our prize is a vehicle! A silly vehicle!

Find the little purple bunny at Grimalkin and get your free BunnyTrain. As always, ask Zack the meerkat for a hint. Hints and locations for the other shops in this hunt can be found on the hunt blog.

#OccupyAnywhere Wearable Tent

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The Grimalkin #OccupyAnywhere Wearable Tent
Are you ready for an in-tents experience?

Camp out anywhere with this happy little tent! Just wear it (attaches to left pec by default) and turn off your AO. And through the month of December, find our Peace on Earth Hunt globe and get a free special edition tent:

(Please note that the hunt version is not modifiable.)

Here are some places Niki has camped!(Mouse over pics for travel notes.)

A transferable gift version is also available. Find it at the main store!


We’ve hidden our egg early this year! Come by the store and find it and touch it, and it’ll give you a mad wearable jet chair covered in colourful bunnies:

You might even win some money! For more information on the egg hunt, visit the website:

The Great Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt 2011

From the Grimalkin Dept. of Dubious Wordplay comes …

Only available in the lucky board:

Mardi Gras

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Come by and pick up a 2011 edition second line umbrella that you can wear to do a silly dance! It’s in a box by the front counter (L$0). And if you catch me around the shop, you can try to click the tiny lucky board in my mouth for a free madcap tubcopter. Get my attention, and I’ll throw you some ankh beads. 🙂

Update: We took down the freebie on Ash Wednesday. Check back next year!

Merry Fishmas!

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If you are in either our inworld group (Le Chat Gris) or our subscribo group (Grimalkin Gang), we hope you are enjoying the fish nog we sent out today!

There’s now a fishing well in the garden behind the shop. Please come and 7Seas fish!

It’s stocked with custom prizes that we made while consuming too much fish nog.

Here’s a list of them:

• AFKfish
• Cuddlefish: Gold Koi
• Cuddlefish: Mackerel
• Cuddlefish: Orange Koi
• Cuddlefish: Red and White Koi
• Golden Crown of Fishes
• Holy Mackerel
• Toastfish

Best wishes for a delightful holiday season!

Bunnyghost Costume
For Halloween, or just because

Mody/copy OK
Comes with AO

Look, it’s a cute new take on the classic “sheet ghost” costume! The entire costume is a single object worn over your regular clothing. (It attaches to the nose by default.) Plus we’ve included a Bunnyghost AO, complete with two stands, a walk, a run (okay, it’s more like a hop), a sit, and a ground sit.

Just admit it: if you saw bunnyghosts trick-or-treating at your door, you’d give them all of the candy.

This item is in the lucky board right now, located out the back door of the main store!

Dying for a laugh


Morty is a one-prim skull that makes a ridiculous sound when you touch him and tells a random zombie baby joke of questionable taste. Okay, we admit there are no tasteful zombie baby jokes. But they can be pretty funny! You can find him sitting next to the absinthe over in the New Items area. Try him out!

Also, behind the counter, you can see the Sisters (L$10). They’re ghostly, they’re two prims, they sway creepily, and that’s all. But they’re modifiable, in case you wanted to make them do something else.

Green Fairy Absinthe Set
Fun in a glass!

Gives scripted drinks
Mod/copy OK

There are plenty of drinks on the grid. This one is unlike any other. Go on, touch the bottle and try a glass. We’ll wait.

You still with us? What an excellent constitution you must have!

Here’s what you get:

  • Bottle of absinthe that gives amusing scripted drinks (4 prims)
  • Silver tray (1 prim)
  • Absinthe spoon (1 prim)
  • Sugar lump (1 prim)
  • Display glasses (2 prims apiece)
  • Sugar bowl (2 prims)
  • Bud vase (4 prims)
  • Vaguely Disturbing Floral Lamp (touch on/off, 4 prims)
  • Coalesced sample tray setup (13 prims, rez in edit mode)

Set out as many or as few pieces as you like! And make sure you have someone who can bail you out if necessary.


Nikita Weymann
Grimalkin Workshop

Nothing New to Sell You

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But we got a crazy game machine and stuffed it full of free prizes for you to win. 🙂 It’s right out the rear door of the main store, right next to the new location of the lucky board.

Just “sit” on the machine to play. (We recommend turning off your AO for the full effect!) You have a very good chance to win one of a buncha prizes, including these huggable Love Bunnehs:

What else is in there? Er … we can’t recall at the moment. Mainly because we’re distracted by the bizarre pronouncements emitting from McBox, the chatbot that now lives in the bar.

Right, you probably want a teleport link now. So you can, ya know, avoid it entirely.