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seriously, you don't wanna get to near me right now

The Grimalkin Madcap Tubcopter

Utterly hazardous wearable transport

Faced with gator-infested swamp or a deep chasm to cross? Looking a LITTLE TOO NORMAL? Just want to keep people at a safe distance? Fear not, citizen, for the tireless worker monkeys of Grimalkin Workshop have created your solution!

You get four versions: large/noisy, large/stealthy, small/noisy, and small/stealthy. Just wear one (it attaches to the left pec by default) and turn off your AO, and you’ll soon be swinging wildly about in the air, looking like a complete lunatic.

What’s more, for the first half of July 2010, 50 percent of your purchase fee will go toward the National Wildlife Federation’s Oil Spill Recovery Fund, via the inworld fundraiser Operation Squeegee.

Edited to add the location, now that the event has begun:

Questions? Concerns? Praise? Derision? IM me.

Nikita Weymann