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Bunnyghost Costume
For Halloween, or just because

Mody/copy OK
Comes with AO

Look, it’s a cute new take on the classic “sheet ghost” costume! The entire costume is a single object worn over your regular clothing. (It attaches to the nose by default.) Plus we’ve included a Bunnyghost AO, complete with two stands, a walk, a run (okay, it’s more like a hop), a sit, and a ground sit.

Just admit it: if you saw bunnyghosts trick-or-treating at your door, you’d give them all of the candy.

This item is in the lucky board right now, located out the back door of the main store!

Dying for a laugh


Morty is a one-prim skull that makes a ridiculous sound when you touch him and tells a random zombie baby joke of questionable taste. Okay, we admit there are no tasteful zombie baby jokes. But they can be pretty funny! You can find him sitting next to the absinthe over in the New Items area. Try him out!

Also, behind the counter, you can see the Sisters (L$10). They’re ghostly, they’re two prims, they sway creepily, and that’s all. But they’re modifiable, in case you wanted to make them do something else.