Summer Fun for Meeroos

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Mroo Pools!

The mroos were hot, so we made them some wading pools to splash around in. They seem to enjoy it!

• 3 styles included (aquadot, citrusdot, clover)
• copy/mod
• optional swimming duck
• pool is 3 prims, duck is 2 prims

Really there’s not much more to say except that we’ve discovered that mroos can breathe through their ears when necessary.

See them rezzed and possibly in use here: Meeroos @ Grimalkin

(Mroos are diurnal, so if it’s night, the best you can hope for is finding someone sleeping in a pool.)

Also available on the marketplace! Send them as a gift!

Love & fishes,

Niki & the gang


FreeJoyce! Alleluia!

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Ulysses, by James Joyce

I’ll be taking part in Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011 this Bloomsday, and I just realised I had no scripty inworld copy of Ulysses. Now I do, and your copy awaits you at the shop.

Towel Day

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be a hoopy frood

Happy Towel Day! Do you know where your towel is? Members of our inworld group, Le Chat Gris, and our Subscribomatic group, Grimalkin Gang, received towels to wear. To join, touch a sign here behind the counter, and check history for your Sudden Towel Day Serviette. 🙂

Free Flower Float

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Visit Linc Island and touch the big flower to receive a free wearable flower float! We customised this one for the island’s owners, Karima Hoisan and Happiness Merryman, and it’s their gift to all their visitors. Be sure to wander around the island—while floating, naturally!—because it’s loaded with beautiful flowers, sculptures, and more. Better yet, bring along a friend!

Fishiversary 2011

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Fishiversary 2011 is open! Stop by the Grimalkin display and see if you can catch our Fishiversary exclusive Piscine Leather Jet Chairs. Oh, and you can pick up a free festiuve fish balloon too!

We’ve hidden our egg early this year! Come by the store and find it and touch it, and it’ll give you a mad wearable jet chair covered in colourful bunnies:

You might even win some money! For more information on the egg hunt, visit the website:

The Great Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt 2011

New Fishing Spot

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Got tired of the old well. Here is a new place to fish.