Free Flower Float

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Visit Linc Island and touch the big flower to receive a free wearable flower float! We customised this one for the island’s owners, Karima Hoisan and Happiness Merryman, and it’s their gift to all their visitors. Be sure to wander around the island—while floating, naturally!—because it’s loaded with beautiful flowers, sculptures, and more. Better yet, bring along a friend!


Fishiversary 2011

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Fishiversary 2011 is open! Stop by the Grimalkin display and see if you can catch our Fishiversary exclusive Piscine Leather Jet Chairs. Oh, and you can pick up a free festiuve fish balloon too!

We’ve hidden our egg early this year! Come by the store and find it and touch it, and it’ll give you a mad wearable jet chair covered in colourful bunnies:

You might even win some money! For more information on the egg hunt, visit the website:

The Great Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt 2011

New Fishing Spot

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Got tired of the old well. Here is a new place to fish.

Furniture Sale

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We need to free up space for new stuff, so we’re retiring a bunch of furniture (or moving it to marketplace-only, depending) soon. Here’s one:

The Ellyfant Chair seats three people (click the trunk or either foreleg) and is mod/copy. Now only L$15!

Everything at the sale area (not at the main store) is L$50 and under. Come take a look!

Kitten Week Sale!

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We’ve got a pair of new kittens, and in honour of them, the following item will be half price through Sunday:

The Grimalkin Anywhere Chair
Iced Tea & Kitten Edition

L$75 L$37, mod/copy

You deserve to kick back and relax, wherever you happen to be. That’s why the tireless worker monkeys at Grimalkin Workshop created this wearable chair. But it’s so much more than just a chair. Just wear it (it attaches to the stomach), and you will be sitting in your chair atop a platform, feet up on a footstool, iced tea and a pile o’ magazines at the ready.

Touch the candle to light or douse it. (When you wear this item, you will have to touch the candle a couple of times to get it to give off light. This “feature” is because of a gremlin that’s taken up residence in my workshop, the evil little bugger.)

Whether you’re waiting for a friend or just taking a break from the battle, the Anywhere Chair will always be there for you.

This kit contains two versions: one regular one, and one with an AFK kitten! So much nicer than that default “Away” look.

Oh, and it’s modifiable (except the scripts), so feel free to edit it to fit your av. (Make a backup copy first, just in case!)

Teleport to this sale item now!

The new kittens, Ada and Mingus, are in the jam room (no jam), in case you’d like to visit.

And finally, we’ve finally set out some Wildwood kitten baskets for adoption, in the kitty shack. You can also see what cats and kittens are up for adoption at any time by viewing our cat page.

Poissons d’Avril

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For one day only the month of April, three special fish have been added to the Grimalkin 7Seas custom catch server:

• Poisson d’Avril
• Poisson d’Avril avec un chapeau
• Poisson d’Avril avec un chewing-gum

All three shift colours constantly and have what look like pipes but ARE NOT.

Catch one now at the Grimalkin Fishin’ Well!

(Yeah, we were joking about them being available only for one day.)

From the Grimalkin Dept. of Dubious Wordplay comes …

Only available in the lucky board:

Spring Bloom Candle Dishes

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Spring Bloom Candle Dishes
3 prims, transferable
L$30 each

Not much more to say except that we needed season-appropriate lighting, and these made us happy! We hope you’ll like them too. Since they’re no-copy, you can also give them as gifts.

Available now at the Grimalkin main store.

Hope for Japan

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hope for Japan Scarf

For every six scarves sold, we’ll donate L$300 to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross (via purchase of Donation Linden bears).

If you’d rather buy a Donation Linden bear yourself, please do! You can find them here:

The mod/copy scarves come in three colours, and each colour comes with and without a heart pin. Please come and try a demo.

Teleport to Grimalkin main store

Running tally and Marketplace bear-buyin’ screenshots under the cut! Read the rest of this entry »