Mr. Paws and Ostara

A Bunny Love Story

This is a story about two bunnies who met, fell in love, and founded a dynasty. Now they’ve set sail and we’ll never see them again.

Saying farewells: Kayoko Littlebird and Ostara; Nikita Weymann and Mr. Paws

It all started in January 2010 when Niki’s friend Vinya gave her a pet bunny.

Mr. Paws, Day One
First photo ever taken of Mr. Paws, at Nikita’s winter hideaway

Mr. Paws was content to be a pet bunny. But Niki’s friend Kay grew interested, and in March, she went to Vinya’s shop to buy a bunny nest. Kay and Niki watched and waited, and a cute little girl bunny was born.

First photo ever taken of Ostara, at Kayoko’s garden in the sky

Mr. Paws courted Ostara, and they lived together happily and had many children together. Friends gathered for the momentous occasion of their final child’s birth.

Astara Kittypaws, Queen of the Universe
Astara Kittypaws, the final child of Ostara and Mr. Paws, just after birth. In attendance were Kayoko, Niki, Bedlamie, and Carter. Bunny godmother Bedlamie brought the cigars, and Carter uttered possibly the best sentence in the universe: “I think one of your bunnies just farted rainbows?”

Other bunnies joined the happy group, and some of the children left to live with Kay and Niki’s friends and other nice people.

Miss Violet and Granddad
Mr. Paws and granddaughter Miss Violet

Today we said goodbye to Mr. Paws and Ostara as they set sail on a romantic cruise to their final home. We hope they’ll be happy, but we don’t expect any postcards, since neither of them is very good at holding a pen.

We’re also in the process of saying goodbye to the other bunnies, since for reasons of principle, we can’t support Ozimals by buying any more food. This saddens us, but we have no choice.

Departed Valentine’s Day, 2011
Mr. Paws, Superlative Elder of Euphoria, age 399 (never hibernated)
Ostara, Superlative Elder of Refreshment, age 346 (never hibernated)

We’ll miss you both.


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