Lucky Dip Bubble Gum Alert

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I spotted a blog post by Vitolo Rossini entitled “Farewell to Moopf Murray” and said to myself, What? Isn’t that the gumball guy? And I read it and was shattered to hear that Moopf is discontinuing his bubble gum server at the end of March!

One of my favourite things as a noob was to purchase bubble gum from these machines, and as soon as I got my first tiny shop, I rezzed my own machine outside of it. I’ve had one out at every main store since. I started giving extra gumballs away to friends, and later the gumballs became a fun way to interact with newbies. Moopf’s Lucky Dip machines are such an institution that it’s hard to imagine them suddenly wiped off the grid. Halp!

I guess I can live with it if I have to, but I’ll be sad. Thank you, Moopf Murray, for all the fun over the years. I think yours was the first “gacha” on the grid, and now they’re ubiquitous.

If anyone wants to collect gum before the deadline (L$1 for a random piece), there are still machines all over, and one is outside my shop, by the road.

/me goes to fill her inventory with random gum

  1. Vito says:

    Nice blog, Nikita.
    I have made a commemorative Gumball Machine to honor Moopf. It is connected to my own server, that has dozens of flavors with various features , constantly being added to. (special flavors at Holidays too!) It gives your visitors a free random piece whenever they touch it. You can see the item at
    If any of you out there really want one, and don’t have the 50 L$ for one, send me an IM in world, and I will share!

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