Bedblogger 5000

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We’re happy to be part of this gridwide hunt, and here’s what we came up with for a prize!

Update: This item is now available to buy at the main store for L$100.

The Grimalkin Bedblogger 5000
Wear your bed, and type in it too!


Wear bed, turn off AO


You’re a busy person. You’ve got stuff to blog, tweet, or plurk. You have a jillion tabs open in your Web browser. You’re writing a thesis AND a novel, oh yes, and keeping up with the forums. Plus you’re probably in SL from work.

We know this because we have a very old hen named Cassie. She sees visions and communicates them to us by pecking at grain scattered on cards with the letters of the alphabet on them. It’s a tedious process, but our transcriptionist monkeys are diligent.

Cassie told us that we needed to make a wearable bed for you, so you’d finally get some dang rest. She also said you’d probably just keep working away, so we should include a laptop, preferably from Bananadyne.

(Okay, we admit that Cassie fell off a tree stump this spring and hasn’t been quite as lucid since.)

You get two versions of the Bedblogger: one with stuffed animals (for companionship) and one without (in case you’re too tough to have stuffed animals). Pick one and wear it; it attaches to your left hip by default. Turn off your AO. That’s it; you can even ride around in bed.

You can even visit Paris, 1900, in bed:

The Bedblogger is modifiable, so add your own image to the laptop screen, or tint your blanket, or whatever. Make a backup copy of the original first, in case of monumental oops.

This blog post is too long. We can’t believe you read it all.

Love & chickens,

Nikita Weymann and the Tireless Worker Monkeys of Grimalkin Workshop

  1. Daggett says:

    your wearable things getting better and more usefull, too
    made me smile taking the look at what you did
    great and all good

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